About Us

The Wig Cottage is a full-service salon, serving Henderson, Las Vegas, and the surrounding area for more thana decade.  The Wig Cottage offers a large variety of wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions from top designers and brands, ensuring that you will find the perfects solution to fit your particular needs.

The Wig Cottage is involved in cancer awareness and specializes in helping clients going through chemotherapy by helping women keep their natural appearance and confidence during the difficult time they undergo chemotherapy. Our stylists are trained to work with clients suffering from alopecia, lupus, and natural hair loss.

The Wig Cottage also offers hair extensions in a variety of styles and colors.  As the exclusive distributor of Invisi-Tab and Hairart hair extensions, The Wig Cottage is sure to have an extension that will fit your style and budget.

The Incredible Women at the Wig Cottage

Owner, Stylist and Wig Specialist
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Geuzane purchased the Wig Cottage for the same reason she became a hair stylist as a teenager in Brazil; to help women express their inner beauty and unique style through gorgeous hair. Having spent almost a decade helping women express their individuality through hair extensions and color, Geuzane wished to bring her passion for beautiful hair to those with thinning hair and especially women who are suddenly faced with the adversity of cancer. Geuzane and her stylists at The Wig Cottage believe that women should not be forced to accept an off-the-shelf wig, but should be enabled to continue to express their unique personalities through a wig which The Wig Cottage’s specially trained stylists tailor to each woman’s taste by a unique cut and style.

Vicki Roney
Founder & Wig Specialist
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Owner Vicki Roney has acquired experience working with wigs for over thirty years. Suffering from Alopecia her adult-life, she has a deep passion for helping women and cancer survivors deal with the pain of hair loss and thinning hair.  A classy and fashionable lady, Vicki enjoys spending time with her family, walking her dogs and visiting the beach.

Jaime Butera
Wig Specialist & Hairstylist
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Jaime is originally from Congo, Africa and speaks the beautiful language of French. Her passion for doing hair began as a child when she started braiding and has flourished throughout her career. She gained a special understanding of the importance of hair after her own battle with cancer. She is now a thriving survivor and finds joy in helping other women suffering from hair loss. Outside the salon, Jaime enjoys spending quality time with her son, hiking outdoors and jamming out for karaoke nights.

Sioban Jones
Wig Specialist & Hairstylist
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Siobian has been a hair stylist and designer for over fourteen years.  She enjoys creative work that allows her to put her own unique spin on things. Originally from Tennessee, she has traveled the world in pursuit of her passion for creative and theatrical hair.  When she is not doing hair or working on wigs you can find her outdoors exploring through canyons, mountains and rivers.