Gettin’ Wiggy With It! 18 Reasons Why You Want to Wear Wigs

  1. Every day is a good hair day! Thick and luscious locks guaranteed throughout the day.
  2. Wear a wig to give your hair a break and recuperate from every-day heat and chemical dyes.
  3. For our commitment phobes, try out any hair color and style without the daunting fear of commitment.
  4. Tired of crawling out of bed an hour early to tame that main? Sleep in and throw a wig on. A swipe of mascara and you’re ready to conquer the day!
  5. Don’t be self-conscious of your scalp, disguise thinning hair with a low-maintenance top-piece or full wig.
  6. If you wear a human hair wig: blow drying, curling and styling is much easier when it is not on your head. Thank you, wig stands.
  7. Women from all walks of life wear wigs: celebrities, cancer survivors, thinning hair and for cultural reasons…welcome to our beautiful secret society!
  8. Having a solution for your hair loss makes it easier to accept and feel good about yourself.
  9. Confidence is key. When we look good, we feel good.
  10. Only having to ‘shampoo your hair’ once every couple of weeks.
  11. Defying your hair’s natural texture. Have curly but desire straight? Have straight but want more body? The world is now yours.
  12. Want to experiment with trendy and fun styles your natural hair cannot withhold? Play with braids, up-do’s, etc. with wigs.
  13. If undergoing medical hair loss due to chemotherapy/radiation wigs can make you feel normal again. Let’s be real, looks of pity and concern from strangers at the grocery store get old really fast.
  14. Need to hit the gym after work but still want to make happy hour? Throw on your wig, tussle with fingers and order your cosmo all within 5 minutes.
  15. Wearing a daring outfit and feeling frisky? Accessorize with a new due to complete your look!
  16. Empower other women to feel confident by sharing your story of hair loss. We are powerful women, but a thousand times more unstoppable together.
  17. Going on a cruise/vacation in a humid climate? No need to worry about dinner reservations when your primping time is cut in half.
  18. Wigs for medical hair loss are often paid for by your health insurance. Cancer doesn’t have many perks but we learn to see the silver linings.

What are your favorite things about wearing wigs? Comment below!